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About MyHalalMeat

Our Company

As the team, we are dedicated to provide our valued customers with the best quality halal meat products available in the market. Our number one priority is to supply our customer, with the most hygienic and clean Halal meat products prepared according to the Zabiha principles at an affordable price. We are committed to bring you the service you have always deserved. All of the products we sell here will be coming directly from the slaughtering and meat processing facilities of Nema Food Company. We partnered with FedEx for shipping our products to ensure the fastest and most reliable delivery service. All of the products will be handled in a professional manner and will be delivered to you in high-quality packages. We only sell the quality halal meat products of NEMA. Therefore, all of our products are USDA approved and we are constantly under the supervision of Islamic Authorities.

  • NEMA is the only plant in the USA and Canada that has the slaughtering and processing facilities in one roof.
  • Our meat products are certified by NAHF, ICNA and ICP.
  • NEMA is owned by sincere and practicing Muslims who clearly know and understand the guidelines and the responsibilities for the Halal production.

Our Facility

NEMA is the only plant in the USA and Canada that has the slaughtering and processing facilities in one roof.

Our Promise

Our meat comes directly from our factory, so it's several days fresher and a lot less expensive when it gets to your table. Our fully refrigerated, state-of-the-art facility lets us meet standards no retail store in the country can match. We follow USDA guidelines in all our storage and production rooms.

We promise you the halal quality, because every individual deserves halal.

Our Promise

1. Selection of the healty and right type of animal:
Everybody has the right to know where their meat comes from. We have experts who choose the animals that we supply to our customers. These experts consider the type of the animal and check for its health before the selection. Our trained veterinarians have a big input in this selection process as well.

2. Zabiha slaughtering in the name of ALLAH
Once the right animal is chosen, we bring it to our barn and treat it with mercy and respect. We feed them with natural grains and we strictly follow the Zabiha methods when we slaughter these animals. Zabiha is an Arabic word, which means the animals are slaughtered according to the teachings of Islam. According to Zabiha principles, animals should not to be held captive and bolt stunned, but rather hand slaughtered. Our professional Muslim butchers, perform this by slitting the throat of the animal while the animals are standing, instead of hanging them upside down from their feet. Once the animals are dead, all the blood is thoroughly removed from their system. This guarantees our customer with complete healthy meat, processed in accordance with the highest standards of cleanness and purity along with the most humane slaughtering process.

3. Supervision under major islamic authorities
Our slaughtering process is under the constant supervision major Islamic authorities. Our facility is designed with advanced-tech machinery, specifically to meet our needs in order to produce the highest quality of manufactured items.

4. Supervision under U.S. Department of Agriculture
Our slaughtering process is under the constant supervision by the officers of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

5. Clean & quality production
We take the clean and quality Halal meat to our state of the art cooled and hygienic packaging section. There, we vacuum-pack the fresh cut meat into containers and get them ready for shipment.

6. Accurate digital scaling system
We use accurate digital scaling systems to weigh our finalized products before the shipment.

7. Fast and reliable service
With our freezers, coolers and refrigerated trucks, we are able to supply our customers with fresh meat and meat products by providing the service level that they deserve.